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  • Let's finally start thinking Win // Win:

    We are developing perfectly fitting strategies for innovation, modernization and new markets


    We will transmit to you the creative knowledge that finally combines sustainability with business strategy in a value-focused approach.


    Modernization and being ready for the future means exactly this.

    How this works? // Like that:

    1.) Integral product management

    2.) perfectly fitting marketing/sales solutions

    3.) in the perfect synergy with your business's CSR and sustainability strategies


    for SMEs, start-ups and corporate environments


    What are the hot topics // tools?

    Circular Economy


    Design Thinking

    Product Innovation and Prototyping

    Intra-/Entrepreneurship Mindsets

    Sustainable Supply-Chain-Management and Certification

    Authentic Brand Communication + Sales-Innovation

    Teal Organizational Development Tools

  • Future Fashion Lab

    The future fashion lab is the progressive consulting agency for a new perspective on sustainability and value generation.

    We offer our unique expertise and unconventional impact driven young perspectives.


    We are providing a tracklist of success proven implementations of projects along with our high credibility, integrity and an interdisciplinary openness across industries as well as strong links to relevant institutions and networks.

  • Team

    Hello, nice to meet you!

    Jan Holzhauer

    Initiator, founder and strategic director 

    Jan is a passionate Entrepreneur, a visionary thinker, project manager and process designer with strong business skills and extraordinary creative ideas. His tools are his extensive knowledge and professional network, a deep knowledge and experience as a multiple founder combined with a passionate pragmatic "hands-on" mentality and communicative intelligence.


    Jan's mission is to integrate personal and business development to lift people and businesses to their maximum success. He believes in and works for the goal of making the world a better place through empowerment, smart and progressive business development and conscious living. He works as a consultant in different economic contexts.

    Jan is co-founder of the Berlin Textilagentur Lebenskleidung and was for many years the CEO and strategic head of the company. (Exit of the company in December 2013) Since that time he works as Empowerment Strategist in different environments.

    He is engaged in his work for more than 7 years for a sustainable and ethical textile industry. He works with suppliers and partners with production sites in Europe, India and Turkey and other Asian countries.


    Mona Ohlendorf

    Co-founder and creative director

    Mona studied fashion design in Berlin and Amsterdam finished her studies with a thesis in 2007 about the environmental and social problems in the textile industry. After graduating Mona focused on alternative modes of production and "green"-fashion.

    She realized several collections for the artist collective "Elternhaus" in Hamburg and initiated the fashion project "MOSCH Fair Fashion Berlin".

    In 2009, she founded as part of a group of fashion professionals the Berlin fashion production agency "Common Works".

    Mona designed and implemented the world's first eco-effektive line "Trigema Change" made of "Cradle to Cradle" certified components for Trigema from southern Germany. She also worked for the "greenpeace magazine" as a designer and developer in the textile department.

    Mona is a recognized expert in the textile industry and a consultant for sustainable design, recycling, closed loop, cradle to cradle . Mona's passion is to work on the transfer and application of scientific research results into practical application examples in the clothing industry.

    Expert Network

    Our network of experts for specific project demands

    Customer Base of 2000 clients from the design and fashion segment


    Good relationships to the fashion and design schools


    International producer and supplier network 


    network access to the best experts in the fields of certification, product development, design etc.


  • References

    some selected projects

    Design and Implementation of the first Cradle to Cradle Textile Collection in Germany for the Company Trigema 2012

    Project: Ohlendorf

    Strategic Growth from (self funded) Zero € startup to ~800K € turnover as CEO of the European Market Leader for Organic and Sustainable Fabrics (Fa. Lebenskleidung 2008-2012)

    Project: Holzhauer

    Consulting, Product and Project Development for Major International Clients in the Textile Industry 2008 - 2013

    Project: Holzhauer

    Creative Direction Ethical Fashion Show / Green Showroom (interim) Berlin SS 2016

    Project: Ohlendorf

    Specialized in Sustainable Fashion, Sustainable Design Solutions, Product Development and Sourcing since 2007

    Project: Holzhauer, Ohlendorf

    Marketing Strategy Concept and Think Tank // Closed Loop and Transparent Supply Chain Management for one of the biggest German Consumer Goods Companies 2015

    Project: Holzhauer, Ohlendorf

  • Our Vision

    Change is an opportunity - new challenges allow us to reinvent ourselves, the opportunity to be significant and to distinguish ourselves from all others, to become the best - and remain the best.

    Our vision is to understand sustainability as a business opportunity. We believe that the future belongs to companies that use their resources, knowledge and their competence consistently to solve global challenges of the future.

    To actively support this change of perspective in your organization is our contribution.

  • Ask us, Write us...

    We are happy to enter a creative dialog!

  • Speaking Events, Partners, Network

    Masterclass by Jan Holzhauer at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy

    Mona Ohlendorf as Member of Expert Panel on the Conference

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